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Un nou demers pentru revizuirea Pachetului de Mobilitate

Pe masură ce se apropie data de 21.02.2022, se intensifică demersurile pentru sensibilizarea autorităților europene în vederea revizuirii Pachetului de Mobilitate prin eliminarea cerinței întoarcerii acasă a camioanelor. După scrisoarea către comisarul Adina Vălean, mai multe asociații din Europa Centrală și de Est au adresat în data de 11.02.20022 o scrisoare dlui. Frans Timmermans, vicepreședintele Comisiei Europene, în care au fost subliniate consecințele negative atât asupra mediului cât și asupra funcționării pieței transporturilor. În lipsa unei perspective clare privind înlăturarea cerinței întoarcerii acasă a camioanelor până la data fatidică de 21.02.2022, reprezentanții transportatorilor propun instituirea unui moratoriu al implementarii măsurii amintite până la emiterea deciziei Curții Europene de Justiție privind această speță.

Redăm mai jos textul scrisorii către dl. Frans Timmermans:

« Regarding the Solution on the Return Home of Trucks Requirement

The undersigned associations from Lithuania (TTLA, LINAVA), Poland (TLP), Bulgaria (SMP), Romania (ARTRI), Hungary (NIT) and Croatia (UHCP), would like to draw your attention to the urgent need to revise the return home of trucks requirement, in order to avoid proved negative effects both on the environment and functioning of the EU road transport market. The European Commission`s study on the return home of trucks requirement has proved imminent damaging effects, namely an increase of up to 1,9 million of new journeys along with up to 2,9 million of additional tonnes of CO2. Certainly, these environmental impacts run counter the goals of the European green deal, Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy, Fit for 55 as well as other overarching EU`s policies and strategies. In addition to the European Commission`s findings, as many as 4500 Polish, 2723 Romanian, 2424 Bulgarian, 1000 Lithuanian, 500 Hungarian and 439 Croatian trucks would return to the country of establishment on a daily basis crossing number of the EU Member States on empty or suboptimal run. This is clearly against the one of the basic rules followed by every road transport entrepreneur: that is the most effective utilization of trucks possible. Yet, road transport businesses will need to direct trucks home, very often empty, instead of performing another important road transport service for their clients. Most importantly, the mandatory return home of trucks has nothing in common with better drivers working conditions whatsoever, which is one of the main goals of the Mobility Package. Based on all of these negative impacts, as well as serious breaches of the EU fundamentals, the return home of trucks requirement was brought before The European Court of Justice of the EU. The case has been examined for over a year now and most likely would continue proceeding next year or even longer. Thus, the imminent implementation of the requirement does not leave grounds for the EU legislators to rely on the future decision of the European Court of Justice of the EU. In the absence of further steps in revising return home of trucks requirement by the EU legislators, you made an important and well-regarded statement at the Environment Council on 20 December 2021. By this statement you committed to come forward with a solution that would solve the problem. With only days left before the return home of trucks requirement enters into effect, your authoritative solution is in dire need. Therefore, the undersigned associations call upon you to step forward with the solution to revise the return home of truck requirement urgently. If no solution is found before 21 February, we call on you to propose a moratorium on the implementation of the requirement until the decision of the European Court of Justice of the EU is in place. »



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