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Martin Marmy: „Road transport is vital for real economic growth”

Interview with the Secretary General of the International Road Transport Union (IRU)

IRU is a democratic organization, governed primarily by its members, who re-elected, of course, the head of the organization, its Chairman, Mr. Janusz Lacny. IRU members are those who decide the direction, strategy and positions that the organization adopts it on all issues. All major issues were discussed in November, in Geneva, where each IRU member could support his point of view and judgments were subject to a democratic majority vote

secretar general bsec urta

Haydar Ozkan, Secretary General of BSEC-URTA: „I am convinced that Russia does not want to exclude itself from BSEC transport network „

At BSEC-URTA General Assembly in Bucharest, I made an interview with the Turk Secretary General, Haydar Ozkan. He told us that he respects the more conservative position of Russia in BSEC, as the Russian transport union, ASMAP, in fact, in BSEC-URTA – which between brackets, it did not attended the Bucharest meeting.

Vladimir Florea – Russia hinders as it can the development of transport in the Black Sea region

After the 19th General Assembly of the Union of Road Transport in the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Region, held in Bucharest, there are some questions and some challenges. For example: the reactionary, conservative role of the Russian Federation in the organization, through the Russian member association, called ASMAP. We conducted an interview on these topics with BSEC-URTA Chairman, the Bessarabian Vladimir Florea, which is his third mandate at the head of the union