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grecia si germania in disputa

Zurück zu Menschlichkeit! Zurück zu Gebühr!

Greece and Germany barely speak their melodious European language. For a while, they raised their voices at each other. Back to humanity! Greece shouts at Germany. Back on duty! Germany shouts atGreece. And everyone is entitled to defend his seen treasure, forgetting about the unseen one.

The seen treasure of the Greeks is their pride as Orthodox people and the independence gained by the price of blood. Greeks see themselves wronged by the EU that, in several decades, turned them into „touristic provincial” and fooled by their politicians, serving other people interests. They were promised an amazing prosperity and rushed to the banks, to get exorbitant amounts. Who travels through Greece, meets everywhere uninhabited houses, belonging to many families indebted for decades. Many people are working in Australia, U.S., UKand other remote places for need and fear of prison. This proud people of the Greeks were led to am „inaccessible land”. On the way, their leaders understood they were lost in others plans and will take a long time until they found a way out.

The seen treasure of the Germans is their pride as a race of craftsmen and apparently, their financial independence, won by the price of sweat. Germans see themselves misunderstood in the EU and believe to be, according to statistics, the engine of the continental economy. They assume the status of primus inter pares, implying that the last intentions of EU were thwarted, supranational structure built to avoid a new lifting force of Germany. Who travels through German cities, meets today a lot of luxurious residential neighborhoods, whose prices have soared. Germans strive to reach an upper level and jump like burnt when hearing that great amounts of fees go to „Greek thieves and idlers.”

But the Greeks (Orthodox) and Germans (Protestants, Catholics, etc.) lay on a treasure even greater: kindness, love, compassion, and understanding that everything is transient and self-help when needed is a sign of inner wealth. What happens today in the European chancelleries, stands under the sign of inhumanity, indifference, selfishness.

This is why the new article of His Excellency, Mr. Ambassador Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos, is always a double negation: „a European Union violating its own Treaty ceases to be a European Union, becoming a Non-European Union, which uses some „non-papers ‘”.


A non-text for a Non-European Union

Ambassador Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos


On Friday, January27, a non-text was submitted by Germany, during the working group of the euro zone countries, where, as a condition of granting a new „rescue loan”, Greece was required to give absolute priority to the payment of debts and to transfer sovereignty over its national budget to a European Commissioner. For those who do not know yet, in international relations, a non-text is a document proposed for negotiation, distributed informally in delegations, without binding in any way the liability of initiators. This document is not from an identifiable source, has no title and does not fall under one person in particular (see Wikipedia, „non-paper”).

Let’s see which are the conditions proposed by this non-text to grant a second aid package to Greece: „The budget revenues will have be used primarily to pay rates and interest of state debt and what is left, will be able to fund the primary expenditure”. This means that Greece has to pay first the creditors and what it remains, to pay salaries, pensions, etc. Without doubt, this is nothing but a confirmation of existing status quo. Banksters have priority, while the population of Greece is freezing and looking in the garbage.

„Euro Group should appoint a commissioner on the budget, which would ensure financial resources control. He must be able

a) to implement a centralized monitoring and reporting system, covering all major sections of the Greek budget expenditure,

b) to reject those decisions that do not meet the fiscal targets set by the Troika and

c) to ensure compliance of condition on the priority of paying debts”.

In other words, by this paragraph, we anticipated the loss of Greece sovereignty and the marginalization of its people. By a fulminating intervention in the European Parliament plenary, British MEP Nigel Farage publicly condemned the idea of ​​appointing such a commissioner.

However, the results of policies that were imposed to Greece are, by itself, a violation of the Treaty of Lisbon. They violate: Article 2, which states that the „Union is founded on values ​​of respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality”; Article 3, paragraph 1, „The Union aims to promote peace, its values ​​and welfare of its people” and Article 4, paragraph 2, „The Union shall respect the equality of Member States in the Treaties and their national identity …”

It is clear for everybody that the dignity of the Greek people was trampled by wrong measures that were and continues to be imposed. Article 7 of the Treaty of Lisbon provides penalties for those Member States which violate provisions of Article 2, and it was violated by the euro zone not only inGreece, but very possibly in other Member States. Therefore, a European Union violating its own treaty ceases to be a European Union, becoming a Non-European Union that uses some „non-papers”.

There is only one solution for euro zone crisis. Greece’s debt should be deleted, provided that it restructures the administration in a pragmatic way. Such a solution might be less costly than expected, not only for Greece but also for the Union, being able to save the euro zone from collapse.

In one of its numerous puzzling statements, the European Commission said that in order to improve on long term, the situation inGreecemust first get worse. Greek people can not accept any such deterioration. It is not composed of percentages or numbers, but of human beings, who gave their lives for independence to which they will not give up at any cost.

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