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Five years of EU – between pragmatism and disappointment

It’s been five years sinceRomania’s EU accession. Anniversary or…commemoration? It’s better now for our citizens? They increased their standard of living? Were they able to enjoy the generosity of this exclusive club? The EU met and meets the expectations that most Romanian people have had?

 Romanian people have reached productivity comparable to the Community one? Do they have right to economic development equal to partners from the West or are they victims of unfair fierce competition, because of different start? Someone corrects this mismatch? Do the Romanian people respect the European legislation, in which they „endorse” willingly and not forced by anyone? Or they are only beginning to learn what lies ahead and make the conspiracy theory?

 Here are questions to which we seek answers. Sure, educated Romanian people can freely pick strawberries and courgettes inItalyandSpain. Their daughters can comfort German septuagenarian. Is it enough? If they had no access to these occupations, what would do Emil Boc or Traian Basescu today? Five years after accession, ten states still put stop to labor inRomania.

 However, subsidiaries of Western banks practice barbaric interest. Country risk! It allows them to theft, after Nastase and his people destroyed the national banking system. OnlyHungaryexceeds us at VAT, which puts business men in inferiority and stimulates the interest and the risk of tax evasion. We „managed” to equalize the prices at essential food to those inGermanyorHolland, but Romanian people have incomes like inCentral Asia.

 We lack money for private investment, but also for the state.

Leonard Orban – a successful story

We have established the Ministry of European Affairs to attract European funds. County agencies have emerged … of European Affairs. In addition to APIA, APDRP, Agricultural Department, Chamber of Agriculture, Plant Protection Inspectorate, the Office of Race Enhancement, consultancy offices, etc. Meaning more money for salaries.


Hopefully, they will bring money into the country, as Leonard Orban promised. Among the successful stories, he listed the observance of laws: „It’s about howRomaniaadopts and implements the EU legislation. It was difficult to take over 100,000 pages of legislation. If we look at the number of infringement procedures launched againstRomania, we find that we are on the second lowest place: 47 procedures. I know how many complaints were received by the Commission when I was commissioner, for not applying the law. The number of closed cases is, however, huge. The European Commission representatives came and found that things worked better”.


The community funds absorption is another successful story, said Orban: „Contrary to numerous statements,Romaniais not net contributor to EU budget. From January 1, 2007 to December 31, 2011, 11.91 billion euros entered the country.Romaniacontributed by 6.24 billion euros to the EU budget: net profit is of 5.67 billion euros. With a low or very low absorption,Romaniahas a benefit from the EU”. That is: given how bad we moved, we stand unexpectedly well. 


Next: „Sometimes, we associate the absorption of structural and cohesion funds, now 6.6%, with the entire absorption rate. In agriculture, in direct payments, the absorption rate is 100%. The rural development fund is 30%. If you collect all the funds absorbed, we have 18.5 to 19% of the total 35.4 billion euros. At the end of 2013, real-absorbed amount of cohesion funds must be eight billion euros”. That is the same: sir, the situation is bad, but we also wonder how well the situation was settled as a whole.

 On paper, the situation is good. We absorbed many EU funds in some sectors such as agriculture. But we have the same retrograde villages.

 No political hiatus is allowed, so Ponta and Antonescu can wait. „What happens in 2012 is crucial for 2007- 2013 balance. If efforts are discontinued, if there is no continuity and the smallest accident occurs, the effects will be felt strongly at the end of 2013. We could lose billions of euros. Many defects in the administration are felt in the money absorption evolution”, Orban warned Boc.

„One of the most prosperous areas in the world”
Commissioner Dacian Ciolos notes that „for over 60 years,Europe enjoys peace.” Wars inYugoslavia were probably inLebanon. „The EU is one of the most prosperous areas in the world. With over 500 million inhabitants, it is the largest economic market on the planet: over one third of world production. It has a GDP (gross domestic product) of 12,000 billion euros, higher thanU.S. But it has not yet all political and legal leverages to flexibly respond to new challenges”, believes Ciolos.


I expected him to say why we alienated almost 10% of the agricultural land, why we should transform villages, so aged, in pens surrounded by others land, how to make small and supple farms, to provide cheap products and to solve serious social problems of our villages. We are in the EU for five years, but we have the most primitive villages, dominated by straw toilets in the garden.

 We are one of the most prosperous areas in the world, but tax evasion undermines the state efforts.

 Valeriu Tabara asked for lowering VAT to 10%, to reduce tax evasion and boost agricultural production of farmers. He and too-easily-dismissed Baconschi spoke once that something must be done to stop land sale to the foreign ghost companies. „A 10% VAT this is no more something to discuss”, Emil Boc replied to Tabara. Moonshine! Prime Minister assured us that we are good at creativity and we can make money out of it. Agriculture is also there: „Romaniacan feed 80 million people, but unfortunately, we import 70% of food”.

The only salvation, United States of Europe?
The President spoke freely, soaring and inspired about the EU, as parents of Coal and Steel Community. But wicks inBrussels barely blink: „The only solution for the EU to be a leader of global policy is deep integration. Correct solution is the realization of United States of Europe. Sooner or later we would have to bring together our sovereignty to achieve an EU sovereign, able, on the whole, to stand in competition with major global players, „said Basescu.


(Look at how Hungary put sovereignty throughTransylvania and the Csangos on Siret!). Basescu acknowledged that his vision „exceeds the current limits of theUnion”. He also found the culprits: „We paid very expensive in the EU the inconsistency of Romanian politicians. IfRomaniahas had hesitations on two occasions, the monitoring on cooperation and verification mechanism would have probably concluded this summer.” 


The same concern for „unsolved homework” to EU – but I wanted to hear: Who used the accession? Why is it not useful for several Romanian people? What should be done? What policies do we have to convince the European Commission that we need to make jobs here? Then, the President dashed any speculation on dismissing the head of government: ”Prime Minister Boc was, is and will continue to be a partner in what it is to be done”. We almost believed it.


Mr. Barroso and temptation of the Romanian spirit knowledge  


He spoke about modernizing state institutions and the economy, to continue the process of European integration and to meet the EU performance requirements. As I listened to him, I agreed with Jose Manuel Barroso: „We can count onRomaniaand its citizens for the European revival. Together we will be able to finish a new Great European Adventure, the appearance at the end of the current crisis, of an EU regenerated, perfectly adapted to the challenges of today and tomorrow. I am convinced that we can count on thelandofEliadeand Brancusi, Ionesco and Cioran. Yes, I am sure we can count onRomaniaand its citizens to succeed with this European revival. I wish to warmly thank President Basescu and the Romanian Government for their driving role and strength of their commitment in favor of the EU „.


And we are convinced that Mr. Barroso is a true diplomat, who did not read „Dr. Hönigsberger Confessions”, did not spent two hours in meditation in front of Miss Pogany, he probably doze with his wife at a performance of „Rhinoceros” and does not understand in any way what is the connection between Cioranian existential despair and a Russian tank, simply because such a monster never reached the banks of the Tejo river.

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